About Me

Hi there and thanks for visiting!machu-picchu-2

My name is Noelina, and I’m a senior at Iowa State University who recently studied and interned abroad in Lima, Peru for my last semester. I’m studying journalism, Spanish and international studies with a minor in psychology; however, I have many passions outside of the classroom as well.

I love to see the world not only for what it is, but
also as a canvas ready for me to paint my own picture. I’m extremely passionate of all my past and current endeavors and am always seeking new opportunities. The many things I love include hiking and curling up under my covers on a rainy day with an enthralling book, but nothing beats the camaraderie of family and good friends.

As mentioned on my home page, I encourage you to be an active reader! If you see or read something you like or disagree with, comment on it or share it. I love hearing feedback of all kinds from a variety of perspectives.

The introduction post found on the Blog page frames the purpose of this site, and each post thereafter is an integral part of this semester-long project.

So, happy reading, and I look forward to sharing what’s more to come!